why would i pay this much for a resume?

Great question! We aren't just hawking stock resumes here. We're offering you the opportunity to pursue the life you want. We want to help people by giving them the confidence they need during the too-often frustrating job search process. The resume and cover letter writing process can be very frustrating and can take upwards of 10-15 hours. We're professionals and can quickly and efficiently turn your experience into a professional, compelling document that will make you look good for the job you want and get you in for an interview. And just for good measure, our prices are actually really good compared to other resume services where you might pay anywhere between $300 and $1,000 just for a resume!

can't i just buy a $10 resume template?

You definitely can do that, but we would highly recommend against it. Templates are often over-designed and extremely difficult to edit, so you'll be getting a product that likely will be an eyesore to the person reading it and that will be a pain for you to update in the future. They also usually include text boxes, which the computer systems that many companies use to read initial resumes often can't read. Most importantly, though, you'll be missing out on having a professional edit and present your experience and personality in the perfect way on your resume. We aren't just selling templates here. We're handcrafting your experience from the top down to present you as the best candidate for the job you want. Let us make you look good!

what's the process after i purchase your service?

Shortly after checking out on our website, you'll receive an email confirmation with a link to our Career Questionnaire. That should take you between 30-60 minutes to fill out depending on whether or not you attach an old resume along with it. Basically, it gives us a starting point for your experience and the job you're applying for. After submitting the Career Questionnaire, you'll be prompted to follow a link to schedule your 30-minute phone consultation. That consultation will help us to clarify any ambiguities from the Questionnaire and get a more wholistic vision of who you are and what you're after. After your phone consultation, we'll email you Word and PDF files of your documents and/or your LinkedIn profile Edits/Suggestions 6-10 days from then.